Property Tax Information

Property Tax information is located on the  Treasurer's Office page.

Pay your taxes with your credit card here: or call 1-888-604-7888
Please note you will need (PCL) PAY LOCATION #5047 .  GovPayNet will charge you a fee for this service.  Below is a sample of the information you will need to make your payment.

*Property Owner Name First:
Property Owner Name Middle:
*Property Owner Name Last:
*Authorization Code:  This code will be the month,date,2-digit year,pay location  SAMPLE: 1016145047
*Parcel ID #: Sixteen digit number found at the top of your tax bill.
*Property Street Address:

GovPayNet's current fees are $5.00 per phone payment up to $100, over $100, 5% fee.  $3.50 per website payment up to $100, 3.5% over $100.

Property Tax information is located on the
Treasurer's Office page.